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It's time to make your hormones work for you, not against you. 


Welcome to The Superwoman Code, The Podcast. 

Mar 29, 2022

2 years. 


The average time for women to find the right birth control for them. A Birth Control option that helps to manage symptoms, support health, and have the least amount of side effects. 


Dallas Barnes was fed up with having to try one birth control after another, just to try and find one that did what she wanted, without the unwanted side effects. So she decided to do something about it. 


Enter Reya Health. A tech platform that takes those searching for Birth Control through a series of questions, before matching you with a health professional to design a personalized birth control option that best suits your lifestyle. 


The best part about this process? There's a reason, and an explanation given. 


Today on the podcast, I'm picking Dallas' brain about how Reya works, why we should be testing and listening, not just trying, and how she's hoping to fill a necessary gap in the contraceptive counseling process. 

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