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It's time to make your hormones work for you, not against you. 


Welcome to The Superwoman Code, The Podcast. 

Nov 28, 2019

Public opinion persists that women have a biological edge as super-efficient multitaskers... but is this ideal actually supported by evidence? 

On episode 4 of The Superwoman Code we dive into the myth of multi-tasking and the female brain. Is the female brain wired to multitask better than men's brains are? What...

Nov 19, 2019

When it comes to designing a life that is filled with love, care and salty air; Stefanie MacDonald has truly designed a beautiful life. Her company, Halifax Paper Hearts, is a curated card company bringing a little bit of that East Coast love to the rest of the world. Born from needing to find a card for her Aunt's...

Nov 12, 2019

If you’re ready to start optimizing your cycle, one of the key points in doing so is knowing where you’re at within your hormonal cycle. 


And if you’re on an IUD, taking a Birth Control Pill or getting the Depoprovera Shot… well… that can get a little more difficult to do. 


Fear not! 


This episode we...

Nov 5, 2019

We often think of our periods as a few days (or years) of the month where we kind of hate our lives. 

But over here at The Superwoman Code we firmly believe that as women we were put on this earth for more than just having periods, making babies and going through menopause. 

This episode we're diving deep into what our...