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It's time to make your hormones work for you, not against you. 


Welcome to The Superwoman Code, The Podcast. 

Oct 27, 2021

Ever try to change your diet, modify your fuel or try something new with food when you're in the middle of burnout? 

It's hard. 


Today on the podcast, I'm joined by Registered Dietitian Amanda Shrake to chat all about how you should be grocery shopping, meal prepping and freezer planning when you're burnt out. 


Oct 12, 2021

A year ago, I discovered a cleaning line that I fell in love with. The line, LemonAide, came in a box associated with a conference I was attending virtually through The Atelier Collective. 

I threw out all my other natural cleaning products because, as much as I love them, they just weren't cutting it. And I switched my...

Oct 7, 2021

How do you track your cycle if you don't get a bleed? A hormonal IUD doesn't stop you from ovulating, so yes - you're still experiencing PMS, ovulation pains, fluid retention and a high sex drive (at least you're supposed to be!) 

Today on our first AMA of The Superwoman Code, I explain how you can use your mood,...

Oct 5, 2021

The missing piece of the Burnout conversation might just lay with a Canadian Researcher at Ryerson University. 


Superwomen, meet Dr. Jenny Liu, PhD. 


On today's episode, Jenny and I talk about the relationship between burnout and resilience, the difference between burnout and resilience, how resilience supports our...