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It's time to make your hormones work for you, not against you. 


Welcome to The Superwoman Code, The Podcast. 

Jan 18, 2022

Find the elements of joy in your life and adapt to them.


This is one of the many things that Nicole Lapierre and I talked about on today's podcast. We talked about how to create space for yourself, how to support yourself through the unknown, and how to engage with your surroundings to adapt in a positive...

Oct 12, 2021

A year ago, I discovered a cleaning line that I fell in love with. The line, LemonAide, came in a box associated with a conference I was attending virtually through The Atelier Collective. 

I threw out all my other natural cleaning products because, as much as I love them, they just weren't cutting it. And I switched my...

Sep 21, 2021

Welcome to one of my favourite office conversations... how are you fueling your body? 

Today on the podcast we touch on the trends you should be looking for when it comes to supporting your hormonal health via the food you consume. 

We talk about fats, nuts and seeds, choline, vegetables (and the ongoing debate of...

Feb 23, 2021

I believe that good self-care is preventative in nature, just like good health care. 

Today on the podcast, I'm walking you through how you can sync your self care to different parts of your hormonal cycle. From how you can optimize your exercise and nutrition in your highly energetic follicular phase, to how you can...

Sep 8, 2020

The hallmark sign of PCOS isn't actually what you think it is... it all comes down to blood sugars. 70-90% of women diagnosed with PCOS have something known as insulin resistance. 


In this episode, we're talking about what insulin resistance is, how to support your blood sugars, how to avoid reactive hypoglycaemia and...